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Angélus est une installation sonore itinérante pour un camion de laitier et une dizaine de haut-parleurs is a travelling sound installation for a milk truck and a dozen independent speakers. The project is designed to be caught on the fly, piquing the curiosity of passers-by and intruding into everyday life. Angelus is flexible and multiform; it waltzes in residential neighborhoods, celebrates in the countryside, says I love you in the heart of winter, goes haywire in schoolyards.. soon it will arrive in Montreal. 

Angélus Québec-Montréal

Following an invitation from the Carrefour international de théâtre de Québec and the OFFTA, Angélus spent 10 days on the road between Quebec City and Montreal from May 28 to June 6, 2021. It travelled the side roads and byways and resounded throughout 50 villages, give or take. Click here to discover the ordinary splendors and misfortunes of the journey

Angélus goes to school

Cette fois, Angélus s’arrête dans des cours d’école. Le système se détraque, il faut arrêter le camion pour rafistoler This time, Angélus stops in schoolyards. The system is breaking down; the truck needs to  stop for repairs. Horn-organ, confetti, squeaky doors, booster cables, a magnetic antenna and whirring engines will all be used for the simple but difficult task of getting the music back on track.

Designed / performed by: Bruno Bouchard, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Jasmin Cloutier, Simon Elmaleh, Nadine Lizotte and Danya Ortmann

Project supported by Entente de développement culturel MCC-Ville de Québec.