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Enigmatically pushing their metal machines, men and women advance in a convoy, as proud warriors. They come and go, they march to the simple music of their presence, with the spirit and memory of the objects. A woman drags dozens of drums, men push a truck along the road, a body with its head wrapped in felt waves at an absent crowd, a man wears a hat made of clay, here and there horns blare… A procession at once peaceful and disquieting.

Video work co-produced with Jacynthe Carrier. [2 HD color videos 57 minutes and 8 minutes loop, inkjet photographs, objects]

Designed/performed by:  Bruno Bouchard, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Jacynthe Carrier, Jasmin Cloutier, Simon Drouin, Simon Elmaleh, Nadine Lizotte, Danya Ortmann, as well as several guests.

Photos: Jacynthe Carrier et Idra Labrie (MNBAQ)

Project supported by Entente de développement culturel MCC-Ville de Québec.