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Bile Automobile

After years of musical and performative exploration, the collective wanted to leave a mark and create on a physical medium. Bile Automobile was conceived as a sort of non-exhaustive encyclopedia. It gathers works gleaned from here and there throughout various projects by L’ODHO, songs, instrumental pieces, audio performances and sound poetry.

CD & LP available in stores and at P572 SHOP & Bandcamp

Designed and performed by: Frédéric Auger, Jocelyn Bélair, Bruno Bouchard, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Laurence Brunelle-Côté, Claude Champagne, Jasmin Cloutier, Julie Cloutier Delorme, Ralph Denzer, Martin Desjardins, Simon Drouin, Geneviève Duval, Simon Elmaleh, Lyne Goulet, Julie Houle, Sébastien Leduc, Sam Murdock, Yana Ouellet, Danya Ortmann, Magali Paquin, Gab Pelletier, Pascal Robitaille, Andy Stewart

Label: P572

Project supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec