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A kind of mobile museum composed of customized vehicles, Convoi presents a collection of travellers’ souvenirs, accumulated over the years in squats and other ownership-defying sites. Displayed in trucks, cars and trailers, the latter become exhibition sites, listening stations, automated machines, mobile film theatres, living spaces. To be discovered—like an Sunday outing in the park.


Designed/performed by: Bruno Bouchard, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Laurence Brunelle-Côté, Jacynthe Carrier, Jasmin Cloutier, Julie Cloutier Delorme, Simon Drouin, Simon Elmaleh, Maggy Flynn, Nadine Lizotte, Danya Ortmann, Chloé Surprenant and Théâtre Rude Ingénierie.

Photos : Renaud Philippe

Project supported by CALQ and Entente de développement culturel MCC-Ville de Québec.