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150 cabanes / homes

Where there are landscapes to be pedaled, clothes to try, meetings to orchestrate, fitting sheets to stack, paths already traced, bread dough to knead with the nose, mirrors to skate, tides to straddle, streams of charcoal to sail, straight chairs to slip on, waltzes to hum, evidences to inaugurate.

As part of the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, some forty performers multiply the winks to the collective imagination of Canadians and bring together the epochs, words, territories, traditions, characters and preconceived notions.


Designed and performed by: Frédéric Auger, Bruno Bouchard, Guillaume Bouchard, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Danielle Boutin, Jasmin Cloutier, Simon Drouin, Simon Elmaleh, Philippe Lessard Drolet, Nadine Lizotte, Danya Ortmann, Pascal Robitaille.

Production: Festival d’été de Québec.

With: Jean-Marie Alexandre, Léonard Azzaria, Rachel Baillargeon, Alexis Basque, Josiane Bernier, Alain Boies, Arsène Bouchard, Émile Bouchard, Pierre Bouchard, Laurence Brunelle-Côté, Margot Carrier Bouchard, Martin Desjardins, Nicolas Dostie, Geneviève Duval, Philémon Duval, Juan David Falla, Miguel Fontaine, Benoit Fortier, Claudia Gagné, Sébastien Grall, Rachel Hardy, Bernard Langevin, Pierre Langevin, Marc LeBourdon, Katia Lévesque, Danaé Manzi, Éva Manzi, Inti Manzi, Jean-Michel Marois, Annie Morrier, Aurélie Nadeau-Bernatchez, David Nadeau-Bernatchez, Lionel Nadeau-Bernatchez, Gabrielle Noël Bégin, Yana Ouellet, Fabien Piché, Louisette Proulx, Louis-René Rhault, Anne Thivierge, Auguste Uhde, Constance Uhde.

Thanks to: Georges Azzaria (mechanical pianos), Étienne Boulanger (chairs performance), David Nadeau-Bernatchez (Le Canada est-il un bon spectacle ? Conference), Bernard Langevin (royal speech).

Photos: Charles-Frédérick Ouellet
Video : Alexandre Berthier